Royalmatic: new strain from Ministry of Cannabis

Royalmatic is the new autoflowering strain introduced by Ministry of Cannabis in 2012. The Ministry’s breeders have used the great knowledge gained with the 2 previous autoflowering strains, the well known Angelmatic and Devilmatic, to bring the autoflowering technology a little further. A substantial increasing of the harvest was the first reached target: Royalmatic has shown in the first tests to be able to produce 75 gr. of dried substance in indoor per plant, using a 600W HPS in soil with 10 lt. pots. In outdoor Royalmatic has produced a maximum of 160 gr, per plant, but, given that the experiments were conducted in northern Europe, the potential under, for example, the mediterranean sun is even higher.

Further this plant has shown a good resistance to the mold, even when the buds are very compact. The growing experience is important, but we all grow for a purpose, to get the final product, and at the end what it counts is not only the quantity but also the quality of the harvested buds. The quantity of resin of Royalmatic is absolutely interesting, even when compared with the traditional strains (non-autoflowering). The high that results is pronounced, even for experienced and tolerant smokers.

The aroma is intense, a mix a fresh fruits, where the mango and the grape elements are prevalent, with a point of sour that leads to orange and other citrus. Royalmatic is the perfect choice in a long series of situations. In a little terrace where she can grow compact, if this terrace is at mediterranean latitudes, like Spain or Italy, Royalmatic can complete 3 harvests in the period from end of april till mid-october.

When the time is a problem, in every setup she can produce in 2 months only mature buds. If the security is a problem, it is a safe choice for the guerrilla growing. In an outdoor garden, she request the minimum of attentions, or even only water, when the soil has been prepared in advance with natural fertilizer including the guano for the flowering. Considering all its characteristics and desired traits, this strain have even a great commercial potential.

From: Ministry of Cannabis