White Widow Auto from Vision Seeds

Feminized : Yes

Auto-flower : Yes

Origin : Indian Indica x Brazilian Sativa x Lowryder

Genetics : Mostly Indica, Ruderalis and Sativa

Average height : 50-60cm

Lifecycle : +/- 74 days

Flowering period : +/- 60 days

Average yield : 30 – 50gr per plant

Medicinal use : Reduces Anxiety, stress and sleep disorders, general relaxation

The White Widow Auto is the Vision Seeds auto-flowering variant of the White Widow strain. One of the most potent Ruderalis hybrids around with an amazing fruity smell and taste. The effects she brings about are often used to reduce anxiety, stress and sleep disorders, a perfect strain to be used for some serious relaxation. She produces average yields but the result is absolutely worth it.

The White Widow Auto is suitable for Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse and hydro culture. A great strain for beginning cultivators due to her strong solid nature, high natural resistance against fungi and her ablity to withstand allmost any climate. The White Widow Auto has a small to medium size posture, she’s a discreet plant perfect for when there is no wish for the attention of neighbours or people passing by.

From: Vision Seeds NL