Medical Cannabis Biketour

Dear Readers,

Let us introduce ourselves and tell you why we have started the Medical Cannabis biketour project.

Our names : Matej from Slovenia ( Snail Rolling Papers)

Luc from Holland ( Paradise Seeds)

We are working in the Cannabis Branch for many years and are passionate about the Cannabis Plant.

We feel that everyone that would like to use this plant for themselves should be entitled to do so. No government should forbid us to use this medicinal plant!

Each and everyone should be allowed to benefit from the medicinal properties of this naturally occurring plant. We believe that all people must have the right to grow, harvest and process cannabis for him or herself.
Unfortunately we are not allowed to do so by European laws.

Even ill people that use cannabis as medicine can be sentenced to jail. We strongly feel this unjust situation needs to change.

We are supposed to have a civilised society in Europe, so why are we facing problems with authorities when we use a plant that is helpful to us and causes no harm?

Cannabis has a stigma, and the people that use cannabis are portrayed as abnormal individuals, junkies or even criminals. We feel that millions of normal, law abiding citizens in Europe are discriminated due to unjust laws.

We want to give cannabis a better image and at the same time raise funds for a good cause, medicinal cannabis.

For this reason we have started last year an extraordinary project that entails cycling over a distance of hundreds of kilometers.

Again in 2013 a group of sportive people will ride their bicycles for a three day’s challenge on the Spanish roads to cycle a distance over 350 kilometres.
This sportive event will get huge media attention and creates awareness for the medicinal uses the Cannabis plant has to offer.

We are the Medical Cannabis Biketour. In Short : MC Biketour.

The money that we are able to raise will be used to:

1. Help financing research by independent doctors and institutes on specific groups of patients suffering from various forms of cancer using cannabis oil and cannabis extracts. We feel that more than enough time has been wasted; now it’s time to facilitate the research ourselves and show the world the facts in regards to medical cannabis.

2. Contract international lawyers to achieve equal rights for medical Cannabis patients at the European court of Human Rights in Strassbourg. We invite all sportive people to take part!

This could be your sporting experience of a lifetime.

If you’re over the age of 18 and you want to make a real difference in 2013, then take the beautiful bicycle ride through the Spanish countryside with us! Hop on your bike and become part of something big!

Join us now on the challenging, joyful and rewarding performance that is the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour!

It shows the world a different picture of Cannabis and its users!

The start of the tour is on 16 April, We will gather in a small town near Madrid, from that moment on we ride through the valleys and hills of central Spain towards the sunny Mediterranean coast, after three days we will reach our destination Valencia. The accommodation during the tour will be included.

After 8 to 10 hours cycling, including a lunch break, we will get to our accommodation for the night and have time to freshen up, get a massage and if the night is warm, we shall have diner in a group setting under the Spanish skies. After a fun evening of making new friends we will sleep well to rise early in the morning around 7:30 in the morning, have breakfast and continue our ride to Valencia.

On the second day, April 17, we will cycle over the hills and roads through the Spanish rural area, it will be a ride through the beautiful landscape of Spain and we will be able to enjoy the scenery and each other’s company.

On the third and last day of the event, April 18, we will have a shorter distance to ride and we finish around 15:00 hours in Valencia on our bikes where a large crowd awaits us.

Join us for the 2nd annual Medical Cannabis Biketour in order to bring awareness and raise funds for Medical Cannabis research and equal rights for medical patients throughout Europe!

Annually the tour will ride for three days over a distance of 300-350 km, to a European cannabis expo.

We want the bike tour to become bigger every year, the more people that cycle with us the better it gets! Help us to create positive awareness from the media.

Come sign up at and change history! We look forward to receive your application form.

Companies can fill in the sponsor application form at We have interesting sponsor opportunities for companies.

Thank you very much for your generosity or participation on behalf of Medicinal Cannabis, the tour riders and the Cannabis medicinal patients in Europe.

If you have additional questions please send us your question per mail at

Or tel: +31 206795422.

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