Mega Worm from Plagron

Powerful worm humus with a new name

Plagron has a comprehensive range of additives. These UNIVERSAL products can be used with all substrates and can be combined with all fertilisers from Plagron. One of these unique additives is Mega Worm.
This additive recently got a new name and new packaging. Mega Worm, formerly ‘Worm humus’, is a natural soil improver based on composted plant remains. It creates optimum balance in the soil so the plant can grow and flower profusely. Mega Worm has a very high organic content: it contains a quantity of trace elements, enzymes and minerals like Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma, which protect and feed the plant.

Distinguishing manure
Mega Worm provides a rapid germination of seeds, a strong root development, increases resistance and stimulates growth. Formerly, Mega Worm was only available in the famous green bag. Now it is available in purple pots of 1 litre, buckets of 5 litres and bags of 25 litres. Plagron has grown because of the worm manure. Our worm humus still stands because of the extensive analyzes we perform on the nutrition of worms. We only select the best manure.

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