In a Sativa dominant World: life Is a bowl of… Cherry OG Nug’s

Some marijuana seedbanks have more respect for the old school genetics than others. It is from these geriatric genes that many of today’s strains are rooted. Reaching deep into their time vault… the Emerald triangle Seed Company  (ETSC) decided to “think out-of-the-box “ and try do some genetic updating to their line of Cherry OG as a means of creating a plant which would provide tasty yet dense flowers.

In order to accomplish this, the cultivators at Emerald triangle Seed Company crossed their Cherry Thai female, with an old Afghani Indica strain, as a means of ensuring tight density together with a quick flowering period. ETSC then made it a point to cross back the first offspring several times, to bring out the flavors and elevated high… these traits which cultivated the Cherry Thai to its preeminent popularity in the first place.

After several cycles of crossbreeding ETSC eventually cross pollinated the offspring with their own lost Coast OG for increased potency and the highly sought after sour taste, which was meant to complement the fruity flavorings of the Cherry genetics. The end byproduct of this genetic Frankenstein is a plant which enjoys incredible growth. Tall and gangly at first, reaching up to 15 feet in height, this plant is notorious for filling out its seemingly thin and lanky branches with fat, dank, ripe marijuana flowers.

While this throwback to the Cheech and Chong era is suited for many different cultivation environments and growth scenarios, its ultimate performance lies within environments which are rich in nitrogen, magnesium and calcium, elements which are vital to supporting a strong and heavy yield. With very little variation, one can generally begin looking forward to harvesting their buds approximately 10 weeks from the onset of the flowering process when cultivated indoors. When growing this sativa outdoors – there are a host of variables to consider, however as is true with most sativas… you can look forward to your harvest at the beginning of October. Of course, as is always true “the devil is in the details.” Depending on how good of a job you did at providing your ladies the nutrients and environment that they desire, one can expect an above-average yield of some absolutely outrageously tasty buds. Of the three pheno types which are predominately expressed in this Frank-n-Bud, the sour diesel pheno stands tall to make this a pleasurable smoke.

Whether you’re hitting the bong or smoking a blunt of cherry OG, the aroma and flavor will teleport you back to the carefree days of bell bottom jeans and free love, a time when the counterculture movement had more to do with political protest, than sporting some designer swag with a “free Tibet” slogan on it. The elevating and inspirational high will leave you feeling as though the world is putty in your hands, life has meaning… And while you may feel permanently affixed to the couch you are presently on…at least for the next few hours, in the greater scheme of things it’s where you’re meant to be as it is no doubt the most comfortable place on earth.