CHINA: Too expensive reforestation, let’s paint mountain in green

To reforest a mountain is simple but expensive. For this reason the authorities of the county of Fumin, in the southwest of China, have decided to replace the green of the plants with the synthetic green of the varnishes. Certainly, a not ecological choice but it points, at least in this way the authorities are justified, to hide the face defaced of the ancient and abandoned Laoshou Mountain, from which people extracted calcareous stone.

To realize the intervention, the local administration has spent around 470.000 yuans, the equivalent of 46.000 Euros. Thousand of painters have been involved in the work which can be seen, admired and criticized, from any point of the town. The rocky wall, now of a bright green, however, doesn’t seem to convince the inhabitants of the zone. Nobody seems actually to know the motivation of the choice. The only explanation could be the wish of the authorities to re-launch the ancient Chinese custom of Feng Shui the art to intervene on the environment to influence the flows of natural energy.

Published on Dolce Vita International 1