BioNova Soilmix A-Quality

Pre-fertilized soilmixture

For many years Bio Nova has been offering an excellent pre-fertilized potting soil mixture called BN Soilmix A-Quality.
This mix consists of grinded and sieved garden peat (of a “Regeling Handels Potgronden”- quality, i.e. “Regulation for the Trade of Potting soil”), Baltic white peat (“R.H.P.”quality), special PG mix, magnesium lime and specific additives.
This mix is delivered in plastic bags and is ready-to-use. The included fertilizer suffices for the first three weeks, after this period use a liquid fertilizer such as Soil Supermix or Hydro Supermix (see the fertilization schemes for more information).

This mix is of a sublime quality and does not set fast and is therefore suitable for re-use.
For an optimal distribution of water in potting soil it is recommended to use FreeFlow, this product lowers the surface-tension of liquids. This makes possible equal wetting of the soil in pots or trays.
When BN Soilmix A-Quality (or another potting soil) is re-used, it is recommended to do an analysis a week before the harvest after which a specific fertilizer advice can be given.
This secures the mineral balance and a maximum yield of your crop.