Bio Nova changes the formulations of the Super Mixes Fertilizers according to the new EC regulations

Because changing regulations and more intensive controls in the EC, Bio Nova had to change the formulations of the Super Mix series of fertilizers, in order to be compliant with the demanding EC regulations regarding fertilizers.

These changes had to do with the total percentage of NPK and the way this is described on the labelling. Practically this means that the Soil-, Hydro-, Haze-, NFT-Aqua- and Auto Flowering SuperMixes are concentrated higher than they used to be.

This will be obvious when comparing the NPK rates on the old and new labels.

It took great effort and problem solving to concentrate our mixes to an even higher level and still offer all ingredients in the same mix with the same premium standards.

Because of their complexity, the concentrations are now at the limit of what is possible and in stock conditions below 6 °C, a tiny bit of powdery precipitation may occur. Temperature and saturation are closely linked (think about the difference in dissolving sugar in hot or cold drinks).
This does not influence the quality of the product. It merely means the saturation temperature has been reached. Stocking at room temperature and stirring or shaking will dissolve it.
For end users the higher concentrations mean lower dosages and  less product to carry around.

The dosage has to be lowered by 25-30%. For example: ± 250-350ml/100l instead of 400-500 ml/100l. These renewed products will be available soon. The prices will be raised at July 1st with 20%, so there will be a “hidden” discount.

For the same reasons: EC regulations, Nutri Nova and Coco Nova will be changed soon as well. The dosage rates will be a lot lower as well, so: less product needed for the same results. To make things clear the product names will be changed to Nutri Nova Forte and Coco Nova Forte so no mistakes can be made.

For the single component fertilizers the only thing that will be changed is the labelling.

More information can be provided by your local shop.