White Weed seeds

White Strains of cannabis is a generic term, coined to describe certain cannabis strains that are so called because of the way they seem to shimmer under the light. The buds, and often the leaves, of white cannabis strains are covered with cobwebs of thick trichomes which produce huge amounts of shiny crystals of THC resin. The appearance is very distinctive and noticeable.

This high amount of THC, and other cannabinoids, make White Strains of cannabis very potent and because of this, White Strains are the most frequently purchased cannabis seeds in the world. Although the hits from different white strains can vary from heavy, body stone to upbeat, giggly high, they have one thing in common, the hit is always potent.

The best known White Strain of cannabis is probably White Widow. This infamous weed is one of the most popular strains of cannabis available and is integral to the breeding of many hybrids, giving its distinct white sheen to offspring such as Misty Weed, White Rhino and White Russian. However it is not necessary to be related to White Widow to be called a white cannabis strain and other strains such as Crystal and the High Times Cup winning White Smurf could arguably be classified as White Weed as well.

From: howtogrowmarijuana.com