Try Biobizz’ new Try PacksTM

All good things come in small sizes…
Discover the four new Biobizz®’ packs: the Try·∙PacksTM. These new packs are available from the first of December. The Try·∙PackTM will be available in four variants: Indoor·∙Pack, Outdoor·∙Pack, Stimulant·∙Pack and Hydro·∙Pack.
A small pack, low price, high quality. Every Try·∙PackTM consists of three familiar Biobizz® products; all in the amount of 250 ml.
The four new Try·∙PacksTM contain the following combinations:

Indoor Pack: Bio·∙Grow® -­‐ Bio·∙BloomTM -­‐ Top·∙MaxTM
Outdoor Pack: Fish·∙MixTM -­‐ Bio·∙BloomTM -­‐ Top·∙MaxTM
Stimulant Pack: Alg·∙A·∙MicTM -­‐ Top·∙MaxTM -­‐ Root·∙JuiceTM
Hydro Pack: Root·∙JuiceTM -­‐ Top·∙MaxTM -­‐ Bio·∙HeavenTM

The four packs can be used on all kinds of substrates and mediums. The Indoor·∙Pack can be used from the beginning of the flowering phase by anyone who grows plants or crops indoors. The Outdoor·∙Pack can also be used from the beginning of the flowering phase, but is more suitable for the gardener who keeps his or her plants and crops outside. The Fish·∙MixTM in the Outdoor·∙Pack boosts all natural minerals and microorganisms and stimulates and improves the production of useful bacteria.

The high content of proteins helps to create a rich organic substrate. The Stimulant·∙Pack is particularly useful for the gardener who demands an even better quality and quantity of a harvest, that is also 100% organic. The Stimulant·∙Pack contains the perfect combination to cultivate with a high quantity and a high quality in aroma and taste. Hydro·∙Pack results in a better quality and quantity of the harvest too, with an extra advantage that it’s very suitable for usage in a hydroponic system.

The product combination in the Hydro·∙Pack ensures an optimal root development. Because of the variety of the packages there is a suitable package for every gardener and every situation. Of course the packages can be combined, resulting in the maximum result for your plants, with the minimal costs! Because of the small format and the low costs it’s now even easier to try out Biobizz® products!

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