Dolce Vita people

The 3rd issue of Dolce Vita International was a success!
Readers and sponsors were all very pleased with the new pocket size (A5) at the CannaTrade in Basel where it was presented and distributed, and before we knew it, it was literally gone!
As a matter of fact, according to everyone, it was one of the most interesting innovations of the fair.

Look some pictures…

So, we have decided to keep this project going and to take care directly of the distribution. Our goal will be to be present in all the fairs, which deal with this topic, in Europe.
We are also working on increasing our presence online through websites, blogs and social networks.

At this time we are working on the production of issue number 4, which will be ready by October 2009 and for the winter fairs.

For info about advertisement, distribution, etc write us at