The Amsterdam Cannabis College


The Cannabis College offers free advice on safe recreational Cannabis use in addition to educating the public about the many uses of the hemp plant. Guided tours of Cannabis garden allow to illustrate their information with a beautiful, completely bio-organic example of indoor growing.

With humble beginnings in 1998 as a room of bare bricks and newspaper cuttings, the College is celebrating its fourteen-year anniversary this year. The progress of the College (both in the info centre as well as the garden) has been marked by a few big changes. Briefly hosting around 100 plants and then a more humble five, the original College was lost to a fire in 2002, leading to a renovation of the floor hosting the information. The garden, luckily, suffered only minor smoke damage and had recently been reduced to the number now remaining in the College. The latest installation of the garden is still bio-organically grown and now has a photo display illustrating the three main stages of Cannabis plant development.

As much as they all love the garden, the Cannabis College exists in order to provide information on all aspects of Cannabis and hemp.

In this changing era of confusing and often hypocritical drug laws, they feel that it is important to educate the public on the entire history and usage of the plant in order to promote intelligent and informed debates.

All are welcome in the College (children 12 and under see the garden for free!) regardless of age, bias or experience level. They will thoroughly answer any question related to Cannabis or hemp and are also able to provide hard copies of all of our print info as well. Feel free to ask about medical Cannabis, nutritional hemp seeds and oils, and the myriad industrial applications for the hemp plant: building materials, textiles and paper, sporting goods, etc. You can also receive cultivation information while enjoying our lovely organic flowering garden.

The information centre has also been updated, including some new displays and exciting merchandise. Small trinkets like badges and stickers have a fresh look and we now offer books by highly reputable and knowledgeable authors. To help spread the word the College has adopted an improved design on our logo merchandise, retailing shirts and hooded jumpers that are constructed of a blend of organically-grown hemp, bamboo and soy fibres and are the latest trend in the hemp fashion industry.

As activists, the Cannabis College is a visible presence at the annual Cannabis and hemp expositions, festivals, demonstrations and competitions. We also host both private and public events within the industry, so contact them if you would like a private class!


Their non-profit foundation, Cannabis College Amsterdam, teaches the public from the centre of a worldwide debate. Although they are not actually a real College the name was chosen to project an image of self-education.

Currently people from all nationalities and cultures are discussing the medical, nutritional, industrial and recreational uses of hemp and Cannabis. While many of these debates occur on a political level, the results and content concern and affect all of us. Unfortunately, the political aspects involve our ability to use our freedom of choice; whether the issue is environmental concerns, natural medicine or simply an organic way to relax.

The goal of the Cannabis College Amsterdam is to provide you with correct, objective information about the Cannabis sativa L. plant.

The Cannabis College is nestled into two floors of a registered 17th Century canal house, itself a monument in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Admission is free and all are welcome, whether or not you are a Cannabis user. Recreational users are taught how to avoid dangerous chemicals, for example, while medical patients learn how to use the vaporiser instead of smoking.

The volunteers gladly help our visitors to educate themselves and spread truthful info to their children’s children. With many new developments in the medical world, social and industrial advances, and a constant fresh wave of politicians on the horizon, they feel it is their duty to provide you with the information you need. The time has come to update global knowledge, surely our best defence against the War on Drugs.

The friendly staff of volunteers encourages visitors to debate openly and share their opinions as they are always receptive to new ideas. To supplement verbal information the College hosts vibrant displays of up-to-date medical research on Cannabis, the highest quality hemp products, most current information regarding Cannabis legislation around the world, plus much, much more. Want to get a degree in Cannabis? Stop in and visit them the next time you come to Amsterdam.