Radio station controls mood with music

Where’s your head at?  Are you in a mood that you want to be in – or are you in a state of mind that you’d like to get out of?

With Brain Shift Radio, created by the Strong Institute, you can choose how you want to feel. The station is based on nearly 30 years of research on “Rhythmic Entertainment Intervention”— or using music to shift people’s moods from one state to another.

The interactive radio app (subscription-based) specializes in playing rhythm and ambient tracks that can adjust the psychological and physiological aspects of the listener’s brain.

Simply make a choice on what kind of mood you want to be — whether you need an energy boost or you’re trying to fall asleep — and the station will churn out music based on the aforementioned years of research and data.

Tracks can be remixed and changed out according to what the listener wants to hear, and the site’s community actively works to build newer and better mixes.

All mixes are streamed at a high-quality and very easy to use player.

As the listener rates and saves mixes, the radio app learns preferences and can make choices from there on out (kind of like Pandora). It’s an awesome idea and if you combine it with one of kick-ass wireless speakers, you could have everyone around you mellowed out too.