New song teaches pot history lesson to President Obama

Smoking Weed with the President” a new song by Prince Ea, lays down the stoned, cold truth about marijuana.

The present-day bane of the marijuana community is President Obama. We expected so much more from the man. He even promised as much, pledging at the beginning of his administration that he would not harass legal medical pot businesses in states that had passed medical marijuana laws.

But that was long ago. Obama’s record on marijuana enforcement has been abysmal. So many of us wish we could sit down with the guy and say, “Barack! Dude, you used to toke up. What’s the deal?”

Maybe Prince Ea is the man to start the conversation. Check out this epic eight-minute song wherein Prince Ea lays out the racism and the hypocrisy of the government’s endless war on marijuana. It’s a powerful plea to the Prez to wise up to the plant’s endless uses and benefits.