Medical Cannabis Bike Tour brings home the gold

After 3 days and 400km, the 2014 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour arrived at its finish line in Barcelona. This year’s ride is the latest instalment of a journey to bring universal acceptance of cannabis’s potential as a cancer cure.

The ride, which took place between Valencia and Barcelona, March 11 – 13th, has raised €100,000 from sponsorship. Catch a taste of this year’s tour on our website and youtube channel.
This year’s event involved 55 people from all over Europe, the US and Canada, a fleet of support vehicles, the beautiful Spanish countryside and all the highs and lows of a grand adventure.
The money will be used by scientists at the Complutense university in Madrid, where Doctors Manuel Guzman and Guillermo Velasco have been conducting ground breaking medical research, studying cannabis’s ability to destroy cancer cells.
Dr Velasco said, “The Cannabis Medical Bike Tour is a great event. By using sport, it provides great impact by associating cannabis with something healthy to raise money and interest in medical cannabis. We are very excited about the possibilities the money will provide for our research into cannabis’s effect on cancer cells.”
Tour organizer, Luc Krol, said, “The ride was a huge success. The route was much tougher this year, but we made it. The group was like one big family, everybody working together to make it happen, comrades in a great cause! We also have to thank our sponsors who are making this independent research happen with the money they give us. Our mission continues, so come and join us next year”.

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