Magical beliefs about hashish

The Marijuana, cannabis, hashish or hemp plant is one of the oldest psychoactive plants known to humanity. Cannabis preparations have been used as remedies for thousands of years and the active ingredients of the hemp plant can be put to use in a multitude of medical conditions. Hashish leads to countless legends and beliefs. Their accounts, however, are not accurate or maybe accurate. It depends on the ones who want to believe and in what way they want to believe.

Years ago, hashish was used as a magical purpose. Historical records reveal that hashish played a crucial role in many religions throughout the world, especially in Europe, Africa, and Asia. During those days, magic was at peak and people were superstitious. Ancient religions like paganism and wiccanism used hashish in their eccentric and obscure rituals.


During the early centuries, paganism was at peak and religious leaders who ruled ordered the execution of pagans and wiccans. This was seen in the eastern part of Europe, mainly. White witches and black witches were common and the tussle between these two groups lead to the unity between black and white powers. Hashish, however, was forbidden for religious groups, but it was considered sacred amongst the pagans and wiccans.

In Scotland and Netherlands, the use of hashish was at peak and it boomed by the early 13th century when a legendary Thomas Mortimer speeded this hashish business by mingling with some Mexican traders known as ‘Sanatro Troposo’. They were in their mid 20s when they made hashish popular all over these countries. They were the mediators between the white and the black witches.

Use of Hashish as magical power

White witches had their own beliefs and usually, they used hash for treatments from devil possessions, sexual satisfaction, medicinal usages, etc. whereas, hash used by the black witches was meant only for dark purposes.


Africa was a land for dark powers where rulers tormented their slaves and many dark sides of humans were recorded by historical records. Hash was considered sacred in their well known magic known as voodoo, where it was believed to rub the doll with hash before killing someone.

The procedure: Black magicians usually rubbed the doll 4 times before slaying the doll and the effects were endured by the real human being on whom the magical sadism was showered. This continued and when a man died, they converted him to a living dead, popularly known as a Zombie.


Through ages, China, India, Japan have seen countless cases of magic and their effects were well known. In china, the Hung dynasty was known as the largest producer of hash. People of ancient China consumed hash a lot. Before practicing martial arts, some martial artists consumed hash to gain spiritual powers. In wing chun style of kung fu, it was famous that a person who is intoxicated or drunk can perform well in order to cheat his opponent and overpower him.