Luciano: The Messenger of the Reggae

We met Luciano, whose true name is Jepther McClymont. Born in Davey Town (Manchester), Jamaica, in 1974, he is on the musical reggae scene from the beginning of the 90’s, and his experience and his songs have given him the appellative of “The Messenger”, the one who have made possible the rebirth Rasta in the reggae music.
He is
one of the most appreciated soloist singers, the reggae artist who represents a perfect synthesis between the “spiritual” approach (his style often trespasses in the pure “gospel”) and the joy and fun in dancing and in listening to the music, both typical of the Jamaican culture.

What do you think about the new musical movement of dance music, and how do you interpret the phenomenon of the clash sounds?

I believe that it’s the mirror of the society: this is what the people want; it can seem alienating , but it is a valve of discharging for many young people. We have to try to transmit a positive message.

Your songs are full of messages of tolerance and love as it’s all the reggae music. What do you think about spreading of this new wave of racism and homophobia transmitted by the texts of some authors?

I think that this is what the society wants to encourage; personally, I don’t think so and I cannot encourage such dynamics, because I have succeeded in maintaining my ideals step after step and the new boys should do the same without listening too much to the message that the society offers. People should be educated with messages of unity and altruism, to the self made, and to have more awareness and respect of themselves. These are the things on which we should focus. Let the flame burn, and above all, let the judgment to Jah, and, in the meantime, spread messages of peace and prosperity.

Do you think that the message of the old reggae is getting loose?

During the years I have seen the foundations of the reggae music with Bob Marley, Markus Garvey, Burning spear, Dennis brown. It’s not important what generation we are talking about, neither if those which are coming will be lost. Reggae has deep roots that will not be forgotten; I don’t surrender, the music doesn’t speak of ” Gangster Reasons ” the Music is for the unity and for the aggregation of the people.

When I was in Jamaica the last time, in 1994, I have felt that something was changing, and not in better… Things are changed since then, especially in subject of human rights?

There is a thing to say: Jamaica is known as a great fighter for freedom! We remember that B. Marley, M. Garvey, B. Spear has been all ambassadors for the cause of freedom, they held the people assembled on their own ideals.

Now we are crossing a phase of great cultural and economic changes. And it is exactly in this phase that we need a greater unity and solidarity to succeed in building a best future and a kingdom of unity.

Do you cultivate or have you ever cultivated Marijuana?

Personally I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the cultivation, but I have many country friends who do it, and I smoke the one cultivated by them, they know better than anyone else this art.

Which Strain you prefer?

Eh eh eh eh, beautiful question… surely among mine preferred strains there is the Purple Haze, but also Alaska and Skunk.

As you will know in Italy there is the prohibitionism that torments us, at least up to now… please give some suggestions to our readers and to whom, in order to cultivate this sacred panacea, as hobby or as they need it to take care of themselves, still risk from 2 to 25 years in jail…

I cannot do anything else than encourage them to cultivate it. Cultivate it! Don’t leave you intimidate, put the seeds. You know the great concept of Mother Nature, it is simple: growth her fruits and feed yourself with them, therefore NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT, ALL In FRONT OF THE FEAR, RASTAFARAI! Bye Dolce Vita

Edited by FILO GREEN with the special collaboration of Laura Bordignon

Published on Dolce Vita International 2