IndicaSativa Trade at Fermo – Italy

We have just completed the first edition of IndicaSativa Trade, the new exhibition on the Italian hemp and dedicated technologies, staged in Fermo (Marche) last weekend.

The 60 exhibitors came from all over Europe, especially in the field of cultivation and seeds, but also many associations related to the industrial and medicinal aspects of cannabis. About 2,500 visitors in total (350 on Friday, 1,200 on Saturday and 900 on Sunday), among which hundreds of credits in the industry. The payers are around 1.500/1.700.

So let’s begin our report with the numbers, even if we believe that in this case they don’t count, considering that it was the first edition of the event, and as it is well known, the cannabis theme in Italy has always been, and still is, very delicate to deal with. This one, in fact, was a kind of test, that the IndicaSativa Trade has passed with flying colors!

This is not just our opinion, but it is shared by the vast majority of exhibitors and visitors, with whom we have discussed, interacted and of which we read polls and opinions collected by the organizers. Particular note of credit, since only few fairs in this field so carefully treat and evaluate the audience’s feedback.

For sure, there have been problems, and we treat them without hesitation : the conferences were mediocre (too many speakers and topics approximately outlined together) local transport deficient or in some cases non-existent (buses and shuttles from the train station would have been very useful), lack advertising at a local and national level; minimal dining area (considering that we are in Italy we can point to something more).

Problems, of which the organizers are already aware and willing to solve for the next editions.
Yes, because the most important news is this one, and it confirms what we formerly wrote about the passed test: the IndicaSativatrade will be back, it was not a single event, and indeed, it has all the credentials to become a major event, a fixed appointment ,important at the European level as well. This, is what we all needed.. And the kind of criticism according to which« it could have been better organized », is completely useless, since no one, in recent years, has had the courage and the determination to do so (since 2008, with the last edition of the fair in Bologna).

It will be considered the issue about whether or not to move the event in a big city, but even in this case, both we and many companies that were present, agree on the fact that the brand new Fermo’s forum is a great location, and once solved the problems of the transport, it will not miss anything. The beautiful hills surrounding the small town of the Marche, the reception of the many farms and bed & breakfasts in the area, the local gastronomy, the proximity to the coast (not bad also the beach party related to the fair) and the geographical location, make Fermo a very good choice.

Companies that experienced dozens of fairs, have enjoyed the chilled atmosphere of the event and the chance to work without the invasion of thousands of visitors (which is happening lately in Spanish exhibitions). There were no safety issues nor arrests or searches, and no aggressive law enforcement;the whole exhibition has been held in total normality and this too, is a crucial point. Deputies of the 5 Stars Movement and SEL have visited the event and participated to the conferences. In general, we all found a joyful audience and good vibrations.

We restart from here, from a beautiful Italian exhibition, from the will to abolish as soon as possible the Fini-Giovanardi law and work even harder, to promote and enhance the therapeutic and industrial uses of our beloved Cannabis.

Long live to the IndicaSativatrade and sincere congratulations to the organizers!

Stand Chart according to visitors pools:
1° Sweet Seeds | 2° Canapuglia | 3° Dinafem | 4° Hesi | 5° Pyramid seeds | 6° Dolce Vita

Photos: HERE

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Matteo Gracis
Dolce Vita Magazine Editor