Haze weed seeds

Haze varieties of cannabis have their roots in Central America. Landrace strains from this area are noted for their distinct upbeat high and sweet and sour, tangy aroma.

True Hazes are pure Sativa and grow incredibly tall and leggy. You need a big grow room to successfully rear a full-sized Haze indoors. Buds are light and airy and yields can be disappointing for such a large plant. But this is made up for by their extreme potency. The unique hit from Haze weed has inspired an almost cult following and Haze lovers will go to great lengths to reproduce all of those great Haze traits. High Life Cup even has a special Haze cup which is awarded to the best Haze strain grown every year.

The benchmark for Haze qualities is generally considered to be the High Life Cup winner, Neville’s Haze. Bred to encapsulate the best of the Haze strain, Neville’s Haze been through a long selection and hybridization process, picking out the finest properties from a variety of Haze phenotypes

Original Haze is also a highly regarded Haze strain which, despite its name, has been crossed with Sativas from Asia. Original Haze does however epitomise that happy Haze high and won a 2008 High Life Cup.

Of the Hazes currently available, Greenhouse supply some of the best and have a cabinet full of trophies to prove it. No article on Hazes could be complete without mention of Arjan’s Super Haze, Arjan’s Ultra Haze and Super Lemon Haze. Both of these big hitters are hugely popular strains of weed and are great examples of what can be done with great old school genetics and modern breeding techniques, combining that beautiful Haze high with greater yields and even more potency.

From: howtogrowmarijuana.com