FloraNova™ patent granted

General Hydroponics applied for an international patent on FloraNova class fertilizer a few years ago. The patented version is an improvement on the version that has been in the market place. The US patent was granted in February: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/8110017.pdf The International Patents are pending and will include Europe and even China.

The patent abstract says: “a concentrated, homogenous, stable, water-soluble fertilizer suspension comprising: water-soluble mineral nutrients of at least nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium; and an organic stabilizing additive; and wherein the pourable, aqueous suspension has water-soluble mineral nutrients amounting to at least about 80 percent by weight (wt. %) of the suspension”. Which means that FloraNova is complete, fully soluble, contains mineral and organic ingredients and is highly concentrated, 80% of the suspension!

“This is great news says Lawrence Brooke, founder of GH… the U.S. Patent for FloraNova fertilizer has been granted, no longer pending. This is one of the most important patents in fertilizer history since it protects the only elementally complete one part, fully soluble, liquid concentrate with precisely calibrated elemental content combining minerals and organic ingredients. The international patents will follow soon. We took this one world-wide including China, that part is pending. There will be no copies of FloraNova, the easiest to use most concentrated liquid fertilizer in the world. In tests at the University of California FloraNova grew spectacular plants.”