Dutch Passion release 3 new varieties


Despite celebrating 25 years as a seedbank Dutch Passion are working as hard as ever. This month they announce 3 new strains which offer something for everyone.

StarRyder® is a next-generation AutoFem ready to crop 10-11 weeks after germination. StarRyder® is a Dutch Passion collaboration with the Joint Doctor who pioneered Auto’s and Dutch Passion claim that this could be the most potent AutoFem yet


OutLaw® is a feminized traditional variety. It is a heavy yielding sativa Haze with a powerful high; the flowering time is around 12 weeks. It’s nice to see seedbanks are not afraid of offering a variety with a longer flowering period. We suspect OutLaw will appeal to old-school haze fans especially since it has a very attractive price of only €40,- for 10 feminized seeds.

Also on offer is White Widow x The Ultimate®. This is available only in regular (non-feminized) seeds and delivers a very potent smoke with heavy yields. No doubt this will be popular with the home growers that enjoy dabbling with their own breeding projects as well as those looking for a reliable variety that will combine quality and quantity.

From: Dutch Passion Team