Coffeeshops in Maastricht again open to everyone

Thirteen coffeeshops in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht will be selling marijuana again to everyone, including people who don’t live in Holland.
That’s what the Vereniging Officiële Coffeeshops Maastricht, loosely translated as the Official Association of Coffeeshops in Maastricht, announced today.

Court Verdict

Last week, the court ruled Mayor Onno Hoes of Maastricht decision to close the coffeeshop Easy Going for selling marijuana to foreign customers was wrong. Coffeeshops see this as the signal which says they are again allowed to sell marijuana to people from across the border.
Another reason to start selling again is because currently marijuana can be sold legally to foreigners above the 2 main Dutch rivers. By selling again to foreigners coffeeshops want to stop illegal street dealers profiting from the current situation.


The municipality already responded earlier by saying they will take actions if coffeeshops in Maastricht will actually start selling again to foreigners.
Earlier this week, 14 municipalities announced they want to start to legally grow marijuana which would be sold to the coffeeshops.