Book review: “Heart of Dankness” by Mark Haskell Smith

As many of our readers are aware, the word “dank” has taken on a special meaning in the cannabis community, on par with “chronic.” While your basement being dank or having a dank odor is not a good thing, the meaning of the word is different when it’s used to describe marijuana.
The search for the world’s “dankest” weed is the premise behind a new book by Mark Haskell Smith called “Heart of Dankness

In the book Mark recounts an amazing journey, and one that would make any cannabis user envious, including a certain cannabis activism writer you are reading the words of right now.

The book begins and ends at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and in between we are introduced to legendary seed producers, coffeeshop and dispensary operators and even some growers in Northern CA who show Mark an illegal grow in a federal forest – an issue we have addressed several times here at The 420 Times.

During his journey Mark samples some of the best strains in the world – including Chocolope, Super Lemon Haze and Tangerine Dream – in his search for the meaning of dankness. In the end, of course, dankness is subjective, as is much else in the world of cannabis strains. But the journey Mark embarks on in incredible to read about if you have any interest in the world of marijuana, and “Heart of Dankness” is full of great characters and a wide range of information.