Blue weed seeds

The term Blue Cannabis refers to any cannabis strain that has Blueberry in its genetic heritage. The original Blueberry was developed by Dutch Passion in the late 1970s and has won many High Times Cups.

Blueberry Cannabis is a mostly Indica variety with dark leaves tending to blue and purple hues. Although producing slightly less than average yields, Blueberry marijuana has massive levels of THC (almost 20%), leading to a strong and euphoric high that can seem more Sativa than Indica despite the plant’s stature.

Perhaps the most outstanding quality of Blueberry weed is the distinct fruity/skunk aroma and taste which is redolent of, you guessed it, blueberries.

It is these three things; potency, aroma and colouration, that breeders have sought when hybridizing and crossing Blueberry cannabis to create Blue weed.

Most strains of Blue Cannabis stick to the Indica side of the equation with strains such as Kushberry, Blue Mystic and Blue Cheese delivering a heavy Indica stone as well. Others, like Crimea Blue, SoGouda and Blue Haze try to inject some more Sativa into the mix delivering an uplifting high more in keeping with the original Blueberry seed strain.