Big Buddha Cheese

Flowering Time: 49-63 Days

Grown Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor

Parents: Cheese x Afghani

Type: Indica 60% / Sativa 40%

Indoor Yield: 359g per m2

Buzz: Up high

Taste/Smell: Spicy sweet and kushy

Big Buddha Cheese is a fast growing Indica strain that has been created over years of selective breeding and backcrossing. In the UK, Cheese is a special marijuana that is infamous among marijuana smokers. It is synonymous with great weed and great taste. The original cheese has great effects and an old school flavor that everyone loves and desires. Due to the high and taste of Cheese, it is believed that Cheese originated in the 1980s from Northern Lights and Skunk. Cheese seeds and clones have been passed around over years between many marijuana seed breeders and growers while they tried to make their own special breeds selecting from the great qualities of each plant.

Big Buddha crossed their Cheese clone with an Afghani male plant, and then backcrossed it to the Cheese mother for two years. The result is Big Buddha cheese, which is a very unique and fast flowering Indica plant that has enough of a Sativa influence making this a great hybrid strain.

Big Buddha’s Cheese displays a few phenotypes in its growth patterns, but all of them retain the important qualities that make Cheese a strain that everyone loves. It keeps the mellow high, and the incense-like smell and smooth flavor that is common for Cheese strains.

Big Buddha cheese grows great outdoors and indoors and are ready after 7 to 9 weeks when grown in hydroponics. If you grow this strain organically in soil or coco it may require and extra week of finishing time before it is ready. Big Buddha Cheese can be grown as a sea of green plant, but typically performs better as a multi-branch plant. Its internodes stretch out during the flowering stage to produce high quality and beautiful slender kush-like buds. Glistening resin and production of bulging calyxes expand and grow during the last few week of flowering as Big Buddha Cheese finishes ripening.

Big Buddha Cheese will finish outdoors in most parts of Europe well before the frost and cold temperature set in, but yield ultimately depends on how suited the climate is for the plant. Big Buddha Cheese is definitely a smelly plant so make sure that you take care of the Cheese smell indoors and outdoors.

This marijuana strain’s taste is what it is known for. When it is properly cured and dried it will provide a special and unique dank flavor that is reminiscent of kush and spicy and sweet. It has a very uplifting high that doesn’t change in quality over time. Big Buddha Cheese is perfect for medicinal use and recreational.